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RECONDITIONED ENGINES specialist with pices of mind an warranty

 we are specialists in the re-conditioning of all types of engines for cars and other commercial vehicles. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a professional, reliable service with all work carried out in our modern facilities. We provide a range of services including engine remanufacturing (restoring the used durable products to a ‘like new’ condition), heads (skimming/refacing, reconditioning, pressure testing, valve fitting, recutting valve seats),Pistons rings  big end bearings over sizing crank grinding injectors (check, test, recondition), Chain replacement and turbo charger supply.

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Head Gaskets Repair

Our specialised engine servicing includes head gasket repair – for best possible rates.

Unsure if you need a head gasket repair?

Here are the most common signs you have blown a gasket:

Overheating engine.
Excessive white smoke from your exhaust.
Check your oil. If it’s a milky colour, you need to call us for a gasket repair or replacement.
Losing coolant fast, or leaking coolant from any obvious or hidden source.
If you spot bubbles in your coolant overflow tank or radiator, get in touch to arrange a consultation.

These are possible indications of issues with your head gasket but are definite signs that you should get a trusted expert to inspect your car.

Call us today or book an appointment online so we can take a look at your vehicle and make sure everything is perfectly working with the engine.





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Cylinder Head Resurfacing


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Head Gaskets

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