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RECONDITIONED ENGINES specialist with pices of mind an warranty

 we are specialists in the re-conditioning of all types of engines for cars and other commercial vehicles. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a professional, reliable service with all work carried out in our modern facilities. We provide a range of services including engine remanufacturing (restoring the used durable products to a ‘like new’ condition), heads (skimming/refacing, reconditioning, pressure testing, valve fitting, recutting valve seats),Pistons rings  big end bearings over sizing crank grinding injectors (check, test, recondition), Chain replacement and turbo charger supply.

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At Navan Engine Repair, we offer a large array of mechanical services. We are specialise in engines but are always happy to help – what ever car services you need. Our engine services are total – from engine block reboring to repairing and rebuilding engines.

What type of engine services to we provide?
Engine block – Reconditioned / resurfaced / replaced
Crankshaft (STD size) – reconditioned / re-grounded
Crankshaft main BEARINGS – NEW
Camshaft (STD size) – reconditioned or NEW
Connection rod BEARINGS – NEW
NEW pistons (set complete with rings, pin and clip)
NEW cylinder liners
Reconditioned Fuel Injection pump
Reconditioned Fuel injectors (complete with nozzles / atomizers)
Reconditioned Cylinder head complete with the valves, guides and springs
Reconditioned or NEW valve tappets, push-rods, valve lifters, timing chain, rocker-arms and tubes
Cylinder head gasket and bolts/studs – NEW
Oil pump – NEW
Water pump – reconditioned or NEW
Turbocharger – reconditioned or NEW
Engine gasket set complete – NEW
Oil and fuel filters – NEW
Used oil pan, flywheel and flywheel housing, air lines, inlet and exhaust manifolds


We can diagnose the problem and then advise you on the best way to proceed.

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