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RECONDITIONED ENGINES specialist with pices of mind an warranty

 we are specialists in the re-conditioning of all types of engines for cars and other commercial vehicles. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a professional, reliable service with all work carried out in our modern facilities. We provide a range of services including engine remanufacturing (restoring the used durable products to a ‘like new’ condition), heads (skimming/refacing, reconditioning, pressure testing, valve fitting, recutting valve seats),Pistons rings  big end bearings over sizing crank grinding injectors (check, test, recondition), Chain replacement and turbo charger supply.

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Navan Engine Center
Navan Engine Center

Navan Engine Center

We are an engine specialist based in the center of Navan. for over ten years  We take great pride in our work we specialists in all engine repair. We remove and over hall all the main components from the  engine  We have all the most upto date equipment in our work shop so we can turn a engine around in as little as a few days. we also have over 300 engine in our stock that can also be sold as bear blocks still giving you piece of mind with our engines  or fitting engines at competitive prices, no matter what the make and model. With years of experience, and state of the art diagnostic tools, we ensure that your vehicle is quickly restored for less cost than you think. We ensure an excellent service at all times, to every customer, no exceptions. We carry out cylinder head work and a variety of other mechanical services and have built up great relationships with suppliers of new engine parts – passing on our discounts to our valued customers.

We offer all types of engine work and are happy to give you free quotations on any of our services. we can also can collect your car, van, jeeps an have it brought to our workshop no problem 

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Cylinder Head Resurfacing

If an engine has overheated or blown a head gasket the cylinder head can become distorted, if this is the case we are able to resurface or skim the cylinder head to bring it back into tolerance and create the perfect sealing finish.


Engine Reconditioning

When it comes to Engine Reconditioning it has to be completely striped down to a shell all main parts like cylinder head  values removed to see what has failed. to begin with.  


Engine Block Reboring

Cylinder boring is a critical job because it brings the engine block back to life with straight and round holes. A true concentric bore minimizes ring flex as the piston moves up and down and is squarely aligned to the center of the bore and crankshaft. The bore must also be dimensionally accurate to fit a piston with the proper side clearances

Head Gasket Repair

The head gasket is responsible for sealing pressure within a car’s engine as well as the distribution of oil and engine coolant.

Every time you turn on your engine the head gasket has to operate within very high temperatures and pressures, which is exactly what it is designed to do. The engine of your car needs to be cooled constantly as it relies on combustion for power this is the core component in performing this job.

Crank Shaft Grinding

At the heart of every engine is a finely tuned crankshaft. This part transforms the piston movement (via the connecting rods) from linear to rotational. And this movement is what powers diesel marine engines, locomotive internal combustion engines, large compressors, and other heavy-duty machinery.

Pistions an Rings

piston ring is an expandable split ring used to provide a seal between the piston an the cylinder wall. … The pressurized gases travel through the gap between the cylinder wall and the piston and into the piston ring groove. Combustion gas pressure forces the piston ring against the cylinder wall to form a seal.

Engine Repair Made Easy

Beacuse we specialise in engines, we make to process easy.

Trust a speciailsed engine company for specialised engine issues. There is no engine issue we have not came accross in our years devoted to engine repair. Choosing an engine specialist means that you choose a company that can easy diagnose and  resolve your engine issue. This means that you don’t pay for wasted time trying to get to the root of the problem. This saves time and engergy and most importantly, saves you money.

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Specialised Engine Services

Here you can view all the services we offer.

engine servicing


If you hear something that doesn’t sound right, chances are there is something at fault that should be resolved – sooner rather than later. We expertily diagnose engines before simple fixes become big problems.

mechanic navan


Ensure that your engine can run smoothly and not cause issues in the future. We expertly service all types of engine to give you a smooth running, trouble free engine – simple.

Engine Rebuilds Navan

Timing belts and chains

If timing chains or belts are not changed in time, you can have big issues. From quick changes to complete engine repairs owing to not changing your timing belt/chain – we can help. 


Years in Business


Engine Services in Naas

Engine Repair

No matter what damage the engine of your car has, we always try to repair it.

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Cylinder Head Reconditioning

Also for Cylinder Head Reconditioning you can visit us. We will look at your car and check everything.

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Cylinder Head Resurfacing

You don’t have to worry about the cylinders of your car, we check them for you.

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Engine Reconditioning

Our services also include Engine Reconditionings.

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Happy Customers

“A big thank you to Navan Engine Center – I am happy to recommend to anyone. Several mechanics told me that they could not fix the problem or (worse still) that I should scrap my car. Ion said he knew the issue… just from listening to the engine. He used his diagnositic tools and it confirmed what he already knew. Love my car and now it runs like it always did.”

Tom Byrne

“Got a great price and very good customer service – recommended to my mother dad and he now will only go to Navan Engine repair for his servicing and car upkeep. Happy to recommend you Ion. Again, thanks for everything.”

Jane Doyle


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Navan Engine Center

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